Abstract submission deadline has expired. 

Presentation and evaluation of the abstract

Evaluation of the abstracts will be carried out by the Scientific Committee.

Based on the number and content of the abstracts received, the Scientific Committee will assign the contribution to be presented in oral or poster format. The preference expressed will be respected if possible.

The presentation of an abstract, either orally or as a poster, requires the registration of at least one of the authors for the Congress.

Abstract Guidelines

- The title should be brief, clearly indicating the nature of the study.

- Maximum 300 words

- Abbreviations are allowed but must be clearly defined.

- The number of references is limited to five.

- Abstracts can contain illustrations and/or graphs

- Abstracts must be organised as follows:

     -purpose of the study;

     -materials and methods;

     -results presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusions;


Abstracts that are already submitted

- An abstract can be submitted before a paper is submitted.

- An abstract can be submitted after a paper is submitted.

- If an abstract is accepted and in the meantime the submitted paper is accepted but not published, you can submit your abstract.

- If an abstract is accepted and in the meantime the submitted paper is accepted and published, you can not submit your abstract.


How to Submit:

Abstracts will be accepted only if they meet the following requirements:

- written in English

- submitted through the online abstract page (deadline is May 31,2015)

- you have to use a template to submit your abstract. You can download it here.


The winner of the Best of the Best abstracts will be awarded 500 EUR.

The best abstracts will be selected for an oral presentation.  If you wish to do a poster presentation only, this is possible as well.